Cacti Club
Project Inception
Team Assembly
Discord launch and Community Building
Pre-launch marketing
NFT creation: Traits, Rarities, Accessories, Usecase
Site launch
IDO Launch
Token Launch
NFT minting & Project Launch
Post-launch marketing
Randomized airdrops to loyal Cacti Club members
Cacti Club Game details released, major partnership announcement & Game Development commences
Cacti Greenhouse: Second Generation of Cacti release
Cacti Club Merchandise rollout

NFTs are indivisible digital assets and provably unique. They contain identifying information recorded in smart contracts, so no two are alike. NFTs have many different use cases, for example, Cacti Club NFTs are both gamified, collectible art, combining art and gaming.

Cacti are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the BSC blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Your Cacti live on the address of your connected wallet, and are viewable on PancakeSwap Marketplace.

In the name of fairness, Cacti have no price tiers and are all initially priced at a flat rate of 0.4 BNB each.

Note: 400 Cacti are being withheld from the sale as they will be used for marketing purposes.

Cacti will be available for purchase on our website when minting goes live. Upon purchasing an NFT, a unique, blockchain-generated Cacti will be minted and delivered to your wallet.

Cacti have many uses. Like any art piece, they are desirable, aesthetically pleasing and can be bought and sold on the market. Unlike many other NFTs, Cacti can also be used in-game, for access to the benefits of The Club and much more.

None of the aforementioned information is investment advice but a fun fact is that Cacti live for over 200 years in the real world and last forever on the blockchain.